Bondi Kitchens | Service
Bondi Kitchens is a contemporary kitchen joinery and furniture manufacturer, specializing in design solutions for modern lifestyles.
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Creating spaces for every day.

Bondi Kitchens believes good design is meant for daily use; made seamless in experience, and timeless in style.

Our services include custom built kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, storage solutions, and bespoke joinery pieces.


Our backbone is built on bespoke.

The Bondi Kitchens team consists of qualified designers with a wealth of industry experience including interior-architectural and industrial knowledge.

Our custom design excellence ensures any creative vision can be accomplished; with a service driven by transforming concepts into real life spaces.


An advanced delivery system of expertise.

Linking the design studio to manufacturing within the one location, Bondi Kitchens is a unique joinery operation that

leads in state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. With exceptional attention-to-detail and understanding of critical project deadlines,

we maintain long standing relationships founded on our ability to satisfy the most demanding job requirements.


The perfect fit.

Installation is the final step and is carried out to the highest level of intelligence at Bondi Kitchens.

Our expert installers adhere to site conditions and specific protocols to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of each and every joinery project.


It’s all about the finishes.

Bondi Kitchens prides itself on selecting the best quality finishes for all projects, to ensure the beauty and resilience of living spaces.

Working together with industry elite, we recommend and facilitate the use of high-end tactile materials with durability, detail and importantly a range of choice in mind.


Components are core.

The exceptional materials and hardware used at Bondi Kitchens are non-negotiable in strength and functionality, they are the foundations to our joinery process.

All integrated materials must adhere to design standards specific to any given project, this can include; moisture, stain and scratch resistant fabrications.


 Focused on longstanding functionality.

Every project undertaken at Bondi Kitchens is built to last.

To attest to that belief, we offer a 10-year warranty, guaranteed.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you build your furniture.