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22 Apr How-To : Choosing Right Benchtop for Your Kitchen

Whether you’re renovating or updating your home, choosing a new benchtop will impact on both the look and feel of your kitchen. Let’s look at some of the most popular choices.


1. Laminate

Laminate is the budget benchtop option and is the perfect option for updating a property or holiday home that doesn’t rely on needing the most sophisticated finish. Laminate has come a long way in the last decade or so with a broad colour palette available and many choices in terms of finishes, patterns and textures. Although there are benefits to a laminate bench top, keep in mind that it can easily scratch and is difficult to repair. On the plus side, joins are not as visible as they once were in a laminate bench top and can provide an inexpensive and stylish solution.

Laminex Carrera Marble Matt

2. Stainless steel

Fancy yourself the next MasterChef? Then how about adding a chef-style stainless steel benchtop to your home? As well as being easy to keep clean, stainless steel is great if your kitchen lacks light and can create a lovely textural contrast against dark cupboards or stone flooring.

Stainless Steel Benchtop

3. Caesarstone

With a diverse colour range that varies from buttermilk to vanilla noir, Caesarstone is a durable investment that will stand the test of time. Prices vary depending on the finish – Classico (pictured below), Motivo and Concetto are all priced differently and each one has a distinctive look. Although it’s not your cheapest option, Caesarstone provides a classic finish that will look as good in 10 years as it does today.


4. Marble versus granite

Both these options are hard-wearing and will last a lifetime. Marble is known to stain, although sealing it can help; if you opt for a darker colour, you won’t notice anyway. Granite tends to have a more one-dimensional tone, so the main difference between these two stone tops is the effect – marbled and classy, or solid and dependable. The choice is yours!

Marble Benchtop

5. Synthetic Solid Surface – Corian

Solid surface benchtops are a popular option as they can be shaped and moulded easily, do not show joins in the slab and are available in an ever increasing range of colours and patterns. Solid surface tops were originally created as worktops in laboratories and provide one of the most hygienic of kitchen benchtop surface available. Any curs and scratches can be easily repaired ( it is advised that you keep any off-cuts of your new solid surface benchtop as these pieces can be used for repairs). Although solid surface benchtops can be quite pricey, they provide many years of life in the busiest kitchens.


6. Timber

Timber bench tops add a touch of country charm and warmth to a kitchen design; they are popular for breakfast bar tops and work well when paired with marble (or an engineered stone marble alternative). It’s important to note however,  a timber surface requires regular sealing and is not scratch resistant. Price will depending on the type of timber species selected. 

Timber Benchtop

Adding a new benchtop can transform the entire vibe of your kitchen. Make it an investment that you’re happy with by selecting a benchtop that accentuates the style of your home and suits your budget.

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