Guide to design a versatile kitchen
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Guide to design a versatile kitchen

The modern kitchen is an evolving space. It’s a place to share meals, entertain guests, and catch up with the family. Of course it’s also somewhere we cook and eat.

We now need to think about kitchens as more than just meal prep areas, we need to make sure we plan and design a space that allows multi-function living.

Getting your kitchen design right

Here are 6 tips to consider when planning your perfect kitchen:

1. Think about how you live

The first thing to do is think about how you use your kitchen.

Different sized homes will require differently laid out kitchens. Those with families may need a breakfast hub, those with pets may require space for pet bowls and beds, single dwellers may choose a slimline dishwasher model, and those with a love of entertaining may want to have dedicated wine storage.


2. Consider the details

Simple things often get over looked. Consider where you put your shopping when you get home from the supermarket. Is it easy to unpack them into cupboards and the fridge? Do you need the sink to be near the oven? Think about how you like to cook, maybe you need an integrated green-waste bin near your chopping boards. Do you always steam your food? If so, consider an in-built steam cooker. Coffee lover? Don’t forget a special place for the coffee machine. And make sure there are power points there too.

Thinking about what you do daily and what appliances you use means you can incorporate them into your kitchen for easier everyday living.


3. Drawers – more than just storage

You may not have a huge kitchen, but you can still take advantage of new designs in order to maximise the space you do have.

Have you considered fitting a dishwasher drawer? If you have, go one step further and think about placing it next to your cutlery drawer and crockery cupboard for simple unloading.

You could also opt for a multi-temperature fridge drawer. These drawers are fairly new to the kitchen scene and are versatile fridge drawers that can be used for storage or cooling, depending on the temperature mode selected. They negate the need for a freestanding fridge by allowing you to place fridge drawers exactly where you need them. You can set one drawer in your entertaining area to ‘wine’ mode to keep a bottle of your favorite red close by and another to ‘pantry’ mode for easy access to ingredients near your cooktop. By keeping up-to-date with new technologies you’ll be able to make the most of your new kitchen.

By keeping up-to-date with new technologies you’ll be able to make the most of your new kitchen.


4. Be aware of various kitchen planning methods

When designing a new kitchen there are a few industry terms you may have already heard of, such as ‘zoning’ and ‘the kitchen triangle’, and some concepts you might not have, like ‘distributed appliances’.

Zoning looks at how you intend to use a space, it then sections the space into different activity zones. You may have a ‘living zone’, a ‘cooking zone’, or an ‘entertaining zone’, where you place all the things you need to complete that task. This method appeals to interior designers and renovators because it clearly identifies lifestyle needs for each section of their home.

The kitchen triangle is a technique that looks at the positioning of your oven, fridge and sink and places them in a triangular layout. The thinking behind the kitchen triangle is that these three everyday items should be an equal distance apart for ease of use. The kitchen triangle method works well for basic rooms, but isn’t always suitable for open plan and larger spaces and it’s a concept which doesn’t take modern lifestyles into account.

Distributed appliances is a philosophy I strongly believe in. This simple approach involves arranging your appliances in locations where you’ll use them the most. For example, you may choose to have a single wok burner closer to the fridge and fresh produce to cook up speedy mid-week dinners and have another 3-4 burner induction cooktop located separately near the oven.

Consider your options and think about the layout that will work best for you. You may like to explore the idea of ‘distributed appliances’.

5. Two ways for a clean look

If you have an open plan living space you may want a clean, uninterrupted kitchen design which adds to your room’s style, not takes away from it.

One way of achieving this look is to use integrated appliances. This is where everyday appliances, such as your fridge or dishwasher, are incorporated into your kitchen design and sit under your counter top, hidden away, often disguised behind cabinet doors to offer a streamlined look.

Another way is to consider appliances that are ‘designed to match’. Choosing appliances from a brand that deliberately designs product with consentient finishes, materials and dimensions means that you can effortlessly create a cohesive, coordinated look for your kitchen.


6. Speak to the experts

To make sure you get the best layout for your space, it’s advisable to speak to a professional kitchen expert. If there’s something you can’t live without – that old butcher’s block or a wine fridge – be sure to incorporate it into your plans from the beginning.

Research new appliances so you’re aware of the options available, as this will help you achieve the best result. Please feel free to email [email protected]

To make sure you get the best layout for your space, it’s advisable to speak to a professional kitchen expert.

It’s your space to enjoy, so make the most of your investment.  

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