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Bondi Kitchens is a contemporary kitchen joinery and furniture manufacturer, specializing in design solutions for modern lifestyles.
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Bondi Kitchens guarantees all of our products, covering manufacturing defects of origin.



The guarantee is valid only with regard to purchases made through authorized Bondi Kitchen dealers and consists of the substitution or repair, free-of-charge, of the defective elements ascertained upon testing and recognized as such by Bondi Kitchens or by its representative. The Bondi Kitchen dealer shall activate the guarantee on line and send a certified form, filled out in every part, to the customer. The customer shall verify that the form contains the correct data,  a complete list of the acquired products, product sheets including technical features, and user- and maintenance instructions.




Bondi Kitchens products are guaranteed for 8 years. The guarantee is valid as of the date of the fiscal receipt and/or the delivery note given to the customer. The dealer shall indicate possible installation delays. In any case the guarantee commences after 6 months from the date of the delivery bill issued by Bondi Kitchens to the dealer.


The guarantee does not cover:

  • Defects deriving from neglect or improper use of the product;
  • Damages deriving from failure to follow user instructions, cleaning and mainte-nance suggestions included in the product sheet; • variations in colour due to longterm exposure to natural or artificial lighting on lacquered or wood surfaces : some differences in colour and grain in wood finishes and adjoining elements are possible;
  • Damages caused by longterm use of the product in unsuitable environments with excessive heating or humidity or other abnormal climatic conditions.


The guarantee is not valid in case of:

  • Damages caused by faulty installation or use of defective hydraulic and electrical components by non specialized personnel;
  • Damages arising from transport or installation when done by the customer;
  • Products that have been dismantled, modified or repaired by the customer without authorization by Bondi Kitchens;
  • Damages on carcasses or elements which house electrical appliances not provided by Bondi Kitchens;
  • Defects deriving from the use of goods produced by third-party suppliers and not by Bondi Kitchens.